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For all the buildup to Saturday night's Bristol race, it was relatively devoid of drama, with Kyle Busch relentlessly demolishing all comers.

Or so it appeared. Turns out there was a bit more going on than we'd noticed, specifically between Busch and David Reutimann. Although he held the lead most of the night, Busch briefly lost the top spot every so often after pit stops, and at one point late in the race -- lap 429 -- he and Reutimann dueled for the lead. Reutimann refused to give ground, and the two banged doors as they circled the track.

But the outcome was never really in doubt, and Busch eventually passed Reutimann and won going away. After the race, he was asked what happened during that exchange -- since it was either that or "Kyle, what makes you so awesome?" -- and here was his reply:

"Reutimann was fast, and he was good, and I’m not going to say why I beat him because then he’ll fix it, but it has to do with behind the wheel ... He wasn’t driving the place right. I’m sorry. If he fixes how to drive this place, he’d be right there with me."

You can say plenty of things to a NASCAR driver, but telling him he doesn't know how to drive a track has to rank up there with insulting his sponsor or his momma. And Reutimann, naturally, didn't take the jabs too well. On Sirius/XM on Tuesday, he fired back, calling Kyle's jab "probably the stupidest comment I’ve ever hard anybody say at any given time," which is saying an awful lot considering some of the guys he shares a garage with. Scene Daily transcribed the rest of the conversation thusly:

"I don’t know if [it was] the fact that his Superman cape was flying out the back when I was behind him and I couldn’t see or what the deal was ... We got beat fair and square. That’s what it comes down to. We just got outrun. Professor Busch, maybe he can start a driving school at Bristol and the rest of the field can join in and go and [he can] show all of us what we’re doing wrong. I need help."

(I hope you can see the sarcasm dripping off your monitor.)

I can see why Reutimann would be frustrated, but hey, when you own a track the way Kyle owned Bristol, you could perhaps be forgiven for being a little full of yourself. And "Professor Busch"? I think we've got us a new nickname. 

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