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Sebastian Vettel won Sunday's Formula 1 race at Brazil, setting up a four-way (yes, Chaseless) battle for the championship at the season's final race at Abu Dhabi.

Vettel's win pulled him within 15 points of points leader Fernando Alonso, who finished third. Vettel entered Brazil trailing by 25 points, but also still trails Red Bull Renault teammate Mark Webber by seven points in the standings. Webber and Vettel were in the midst of controversy earlier in the year after Vettel got Webber's new front wing after crashing in practice.

Lewis Hamilton is in fourth, 24 points behind Alonso but needs a lot to happen to win the championship. Hamilton can only win if Alonso finishes lower than 10th and out of the points, Webber finishes fifth or lower and Vettel finishes third or lower. Probably not happening.

Defending champion Jenson Button was officially eliminated from title contention Sunday, but given what went on before the race, that was probably the least of his concerns. Button was in a car outside of the track when men with machine guns approached the car. An attack that Brazilian driver Rubens Barrichello called an "embarrassment" for the country, which is hosting the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics.

From Yahoo! Eurosport:

As Button returned from the circuit back to his São Paulo hotel in company with his father John, manager Richard Goddard and trainer Mike Collier, the bulletproof Mercedes B-Class in which the four men were travelling was stuck in stationary traffic as it passed through a favela (shanty town), when they were approached by a group of up to six gun-wielding assailants.

The quartet were saved by the quick-thinking reactions of their specially-trained police driver Daniel Toni, who Button praised as ‘an absolute legend’ for rescuing him and his entourage from potentially ‘some big problems.’

However, the attempt to rob Button's car wasn't the only incident. Three Sauber employees were robbed at a traffic light.

That makes the infield at Talladega seem downright calm, doesn't it?

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