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We spent the weekend roaming Talladega, and as has become a tradition around these parts, documented our journey in real-time via Twitter. (Follow me here.) Below are some of the greatest hits from the weekend ...

Heading to Talladega for the day, plunging into the heart of Junior Nation for an Earnhardt story. This'll be fun. - The Dega credentials folks are in the Halloween spirit.

More security here at Dega than any other track I've been to. Fortunately they didn't ask if I was carrying ninja throwing stars.  - If we stare at it long enough, there's gotta be a way to make it go faster.

In the dega infield doing interviews. Told one guy he could see the yahoo site when he got home. He pulled out a laptop and called it up.

Tooth-challenged but technologically advanced Junior fan 1, properly humbled smartass media guy 0.  - Cruelty in the Dega infield. (Look closely. )

Was doing an interview with Jr. fans atop a bus when someone below hollered, "Dale Junior sucks!" The young lady I was interviewing...(cont)

(cont)...leaned over the edge and hollered, "You shut the hell up! I'm doing an interview with Yahoo! Sports, bitch!" I do love the infield.  - The end of the line for Kyle Busch ...?

Carl Edwards is bringing everybody in the media center free Subway sandwiches tomorrow. Now that's how you stay on our good side.  - They just pulled Joey Logano out of here kicking and screaming.  - They're giving away Mountain Dew by the bin. This is about a morning's supply for me.  - The merchandise hauler armada. If your driver isn't represented here, he probably sucks. Sorry.  - I'm gonna hang here and try to catch a Carl Edwards lugnut.  - Dude on left: best tattoo ever. Dude on right: "This washes off, right? Right?"  - All these people are trying to cram through one small gate. And they'd better hurry, 'cause the cars are in the backstretch.  - A closeup of the new Dega fence. Strong enough to hold back a flying car? Hope so.  - If Jimmie Johnson wants this, he's gonna have to fight me for it.  - Chris Berman talks of Brett Favre on a tv at Kyle Busch's pit box. This is the single most annoying spot on earth  - The view from my seat as the moon rises over Talladega.  - Goodnight Talladega. Goodnight moon. Goodnight No. 39 car flipping over the moon.

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