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During this past NASCAR off weekend, Robby Gordon did what Robby Gordon always does whenever he's got five free minutes -- threw himself into a race in some godforsaken corner of the globe. This time around, it was the Baja 250, part of the SCORE racing series in Baja, Mexico.

Problem was, Gordon only ran the Baja 246*, if witnesses are to be believed. Seems that at one of the most remote sections of the race, Gordon allegedly left the course and lopped off about four miles by shortcutting through the desert. Later investigation revealed two sets of similar tire tracks, indicating that Gordon may have planned this route before, and workers at a checkpoint in the middle of the bypassed territory have no record of Gordon passing through.

The guys at Dirt Newz have the full scoop, including video evidence of the investigation into the cheating allegations. Check the video -- it's like a gearhead version of Mythbusters, with these guys tracking Gordon's alleged progress right up to and over the edge of a cliff.

Gordon so far has released no comment on the issue; he's got four days until Bristol, so he's probably racing in Antarctica or something. But the next time you're hanging out in the NASCAR infield during a race, keep your eyes open. You never know when Robby Gordon might decide to take a shortcut right through your campsite.

(Hat tip: All Left Turns)

[UPDATE: Apparently, the protest of Gordon's alleged cheating has been withdrawn and Robby Gordon has been cleared of all charges. Plus, *--the Baja 250 is apparently only 232.4 miles. Must be some kind of exchange-rate thing.]

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