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Kyle Busch wrapped his 2010 on a high note with his wedding to Samantha Sarcinella at the Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago on New Year's Eve.

"This is the day, the moment, the best time of the yr," Kyle Tweeted minutes before the show got rolling. "Ready to spend the rest of my life w my true love!. At church, ready to marry."

One bridal website said the theme of the wedding was "ostrich and peacock feathers," which is appropriate because ... wait, you know what? This is their happy day, so let's shelve the snark for just the briefest of moments. Oh, but the jokes that could be written ... 

Anyway, Radar Online has some photos of the happy couple, taken by those filthy paparazzi (or, judging from the angle, by some of the guests). The couple will be showing all the photos, video, etc. in March on the Style Network, a network which I can absolutely guarantee you Kyle did not know existed before this.

Regardless, we wish the best for the happy couple, this year and beyond. And what did you get the Busches for a wedding gift, hmmm? If you didn't buy it yet, there's still time ... brainstorm some ideas, why don't you?   

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