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Matt Kenseth may be the funniest driver on Twitter

Yes, that headline is totally serious.

Matt Kenseth, the driver we glowingly refer to as Flatline in our race-day chats because of his sarcastic and dry wit and seemingly monotone interviews recently signed up for Twitter.

And he's hilarious.

no, and it's not happy with me either"@alexbmx17: @matt_kenseth17 Are you happy with your car for this tomorrows race"

Who is he? I will ask him.."@Rednecktailgate: @matt_kenseth17 can I get a hello from my fav driver?"

what do you think of him?"@ilovehamlin11: @matt_kenseth17 what do you think about Denny Hamlin???"

tweeting"@dwilliams1014: @matt_kenseth17 What's your favorite thing about being a NASCAR driver?"

I hope not, I want to race it again"@ukmccubbin23: @matt_kenseth17 Hey Matt the car you drove at the Coke 600 is it ava in a diecast yet?"

Heck, Twitter has become such a powerful tool that Jeff Burton has started tweeting. (Contrary to popular belief, Twitter doesn't cut off Joe Nemechek's tweets after 35 characters.) Jimmie Johnson used it to defend his team's actions at Daytona after they pitted and Dale Earnhardt Jr. didn't, and Brad Keselowski has even held a Twitter press conference.

But -- so far -- Twitter isn't powerful enough to get Junior and Tony Stewart to start tweeting yet. Will it only be a matter of time before they sign on?

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