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Remember when drivers used to throw things? It's the era of "Have at it, boys!" and we haven't had anyone throw anything in the Sprint Cup Series in recent memory.

Elliott Sadler threw his helmet at Ryan Newman and Ward Burton threw his heat shields at Dale Earnhardt Jr. in 2002, and we all remember Robby Gordon throwing his helmet at Michael Waltrip in the video above. In 2007, Tony Raines threw his helmet at Gordon after Gordon and he got together at Bristol in a Nationwide race.

It's entirely possible that the reason that attendance and television ratings are down for NASCAR races is because people feel that equipment throwing is now a lost art. So if ratings and attendance start to spike, you can thank Mario Gosselin.

Gosselin, a driver in the Camping World Truck Series, was attempting to pass the lapped truck of Joe Aramendia during Saturday night's race at Nashville. Aramendia and his spotter apparently didn't see Gosselin, pinching him down onto the apron. Gosselin crashed headfirst into the wall, and after he got out of his truck, grabbed a brake hose that was on the track as soon as he saw Aramendia slowly drive by.

It wasn't pretty, a sidearmed fling that didn't make any contact with Aramendia's truck, but Gosselin's point was made. And hopefully a grand tradition has returned. Kyle Busch, we're counting on you.

(Sadly, there is no video available of Gosselin's toss. If you have some, or can find it, please shoot us an email) 

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