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This story starts, as all the great ones do, with Kyle Busch eating ice cream.

Seems that in 2006, Kyle was at a Mooresville, N.C., Bruster's Ice Cream -- is there more than one? -- when he saw a sign that a young boy, Raine Angelley, needed financial help to get a kidney transplant. Raine suffers from polycystic kidney disease, a disorder that causes cysts to form in the kidneys. Raine's kidney function had dropped below 20 percent, and he needed a transplant, but didn't have the money. 

Enter: The D00D.

Kyle called the number on that poster and spoke to Raine's father Rayce. He offered financial assistance and helped raise awareness of Raine's condition, and in August 2006, Raine received the kidney from his birth mother.

But Raine's tough times didn't end there. He received a liver transplant in 2009, and tried to keep up with the rest of his high school class and graduate on time in 2010. With one semester left, Raine needed to complete 360 hours in the workforce to finish his degree.

Enter: The D00D, again.

Kyle hired Raine to work at the 18's shop after school. Sure, he'll be a gofer, but could you imagine a better gig for a high school kid obsessed with racing? (Well, Joey Logano probably could, but still.) He'll get a racing education and complete what he needs to do to get his degree.

Anyway, good on Kyle for this one. Nice work all the way around.

Student, Kyle Busch brought together by illness []

(Hat tip: Carol and Sheri.)

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