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Saturday night in Nashville, Kyle Busch channeled his inner Pete Townshend. Busch won Nashville's Nationwide race, the trophy for which was a gorgeous painted Gibson guitar. Kyle stepped out of his car, took hold of the trophy, and ...

Oh, man. Smashing a trophy like that? Not exactly the way to convince the world that you're not an arrogant, spoiled brat, Kyle. He later backpedaled, saying that everybody was cool with it and that he bought two Gibson guitars, but still. Here's his justification:

"Everybody's (smashed a guitar) except race car drivers. Those sorry saps take it home in one piece. I'll break it up and share it with the team."

We're not sure if Sam Bass, the artist who painted the guitar, said the following through tears, but I wouldn't be surprised if he did: "I'll be honest with you, I was stunned when it happened. But when I went to Victory Lane to take a picture with Kyle, he said there was no disrespect to me, the speedway or the sponsors. He just said he was going to give each one of his guys a piece of the trophy. In the spirit of rock and roll and, as someone who appreciates rock and roll, he put on a show."

Worst part of the video? It took Kyle three smacks to break the guitar, and even then it didn't do much more than splinter. Well, we know who's not using performance-enhancing substances to boost their swing strength.

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