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Kyle Busch Motorsports will move up to the Nationwide seriesIf you're of the mind that Kyle Busch distracts himself by running in all three NASCAR national series, here's more fuel for that fire: Kyle Busch Motorsports will run a full Nationwide season, competing for a championship. This will be a companion team to, not a replacement for, the KBM truck team.

Busch made the announcement Friday afternoon at Talladega, but had no further details about driver, crew chief, sponsorship and so forth. Of note: Busch said he will drive for both KBM and Joe Gibbs Racing in the Nationwide Series, so it's possible that he'll be going for the owner's trophy rather than the individual one.

Still, the fact that even one team is expanding rather than contracting is at least a measure of good news. "Obviously it takes funding to do these deals, and we wouldn't be able to do it without partner we acquired," Busch said. "We're ready and excited that the opportunity has finally come to move up. We wanted to do that for a couple years now ... This takes us to that next level."

This certainly answers questions of whether Busch would be able to sustain his team financially; he'd made comments earlier about the difficulty of sustaining his truck team, and in fact had to shutter one because of sponsor issues.

As for distraction? "I don't think it hurts," he said, adding "my idea is to have a company that will run off the foundation of itself." He used the examples of Rick Hendrick and Joe Gibbs as leaders who could let their people manage the details.

Much to be decided, but it's clear that the Nationwide Series and Busch will remain intertwined for a long time.

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