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Great story from the weekend's Nationwide race that deserves one last spotlight before we move on -- the Great Biffle - Daddy Logano War of 2009. Biffle and Logano had been trading barbs and paint before, and then came this:

That set off all kinds of hooting and hollering across the radio, with insults of "coward" and "little girl" flying hither and yon. After the race, Tom Logano, Joey's father, charged Biffle's car and made a "hand gesture" at Biffle -- reports don't say which, but I'm betting it wasn't rock-concert devil horns -- and as a result, Tom Logano lost his annual credentials to the NASCAR track. (Realistically, all that means is that Logano will have to stand in line with the rest of the great unwashed to get single-race credentials, and he probably won't even have to do that for very long.) Only thing that would've been cooler than that? If it had been Joey's mom doing the chasing and the gesturing.

Funny thing is, for all the talk and yapping, Logano actually came back and won the race. We give the kid all kinds of grief around here, but the simple truth is, he knows what he's doing behind the wheel. And three or four years from now, Biffle may not even be able to catch Logano, much less put him into a wall.

Logano races to 5th victory of season [AP via Yahoo! Sports]

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