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So, did anybody happen to catch those completely scripted events which tried to manufacture drama even though the outcome was never in doubt, which promised change but no change ever really comes? No, I'm not talking about NASCAR in California, I'm talking about the political conventions!

For those of you who happen to, you know, have a life, you might have missed the fact that Joe Gibbs, he who brought us Smoke, the D00D, the Hamster, and Sliced Bread, spoke at the Republican National Convention Thursday to bring us John McCain. The Virginian-Pilot had a transcript of the speech:

It's a little awkward for me to put on a partisan hat. But, with all the media hype, I feel compelled to tell you where I stand. Tonight, I'm supporting ... the Washington Redskins, who are taking on the New York Giants!

Convention humor, folks. Is there anything funnier? (Alas, after last night's debacle, Redskins fans are already almost as shellshocked as that Alaska hockey kid who found out he's going to be a VP grandbaby daddy and a groom. Like it or not.)

Anyway, the speech was a quick and routine affair, in which Gibbs referenced both his NASCAR championships and his deep and abiding faith. Strangely enough, Gibbs didn't mention hidden magnets or victory-lap temper tantrums. Hmm. Must've been a last-minute edit.

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