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Twitter might be the best thing that ever happened to Jimmie Johnson ... well, outside of family, friends and those five Sprint Cup championships, of course. The social network gives him the opportunity to show he's not a vanilla automaton, as with this photo he posted Thursday morning of his version of "planking."

Don't know what planking is? That's probably because you're not a young, single kid unburdened with things like bills, obligations and common sense. "Planking" involves placing your body in as straight a position as possible on everything from park benches to tables to, well, Sprint Cup cars. The fad got a bit of notoriety this past weekend when somebody in Australia planked his way right off the side of a seven-story building and, well, died. So be careful up there, Jimmie.

"I wish I wore a helmet," Johnson said afterward. "My forehead is killing me."

Johnson, of course, is just planking in the, uh, planks of Indy 500 drivers, who killed time on Wednesday by planking all over the freakin' place. Those crazy drivers.

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