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From the Department of Who'd'a Thunk It, comedian Jeff Foxworthy -- do I really need to tell you he's the "You might be a redneck" guy? I don't, do I? -- is going to be creating a new NASCAR-related animated series for Fox. The show, which oh-so-hip Variety calls "untitled animated laffer," focuses on a dysfunctional family (on TV, is there any other kind?) set in the world of NASCAR.

(Hold your Earnhardt jokes, please. Shoot higher, ladies and gentlemen, shoot higher.)

Anyway, Foxworthy's a friend of NASCAR, and he's had a good turn or two on Blue Collar TV and his stand-up specials. (That crying-babies-in-the-backseat bit with Larry The Cable Guy and Bill Engvall, however, needs to be expunged from our cultural memories.) We can expect plenty of easy going-in-circles jokes, but if we get a good Tony Stewart or Kyle Busch voice cameo, it'll all be worth it. (Thanks to SportsByBrooks for the tip.)

For your viewing pleasure, here's Mr. Foxworthy commenting on NASCAR:

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