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As a NASCAR driver, you've got to do your fair share of humiliating stunts to please your sponsors. While it's rare anybody's got to do anything on the level of the old Stroker Ace "dress as a chicken" gag, you still see plenty of drivers happy to tell you just how thrilled they are by the bunion scraper or processed-cheese spread or septic tank vacuum that just happens to be sponsoring them that day.

And then come the stunts, like Greg Biffle endured on Wednesday. As part of a promotion for Goodyear's new "Assurance Fuel Max" tires, Biffle ventured to Akron, Ohio to race Tyler Shoff, a 15-year-old girl dubbed the "Derby Diva." The two fierce competitors raced in soapbox derby cars, which, as you can see at right, are only marginally less aerodynamic than the Car of Tomorrow.

The deal was this -- both drivers had the exact same vehicle, but Tyler's had the brand-new Assurance Fuel Max tires, while Biffle was stuck with, I dunno, Flintstones-style stone wheels or something. Anyway, to no one's surprise, the Derby Diva waxed the Biffinator by three car lengths. There's all kinds of corporatespeak about What It All Means To Goodyear And You that you can read right here, if so inclined.

Credit to Biffle for being a good sport and not t-boning young Tyler's car after the finish line, the way Kyle Busch did when he lost one of these silly races a month or so back. Hey, at least he didn't have to wear a chicken suit.

(Hat tip to nixiechick for the find.)

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