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There hasn't been much good news coming out of Richard Petty Motorsports of late, but here's some of the best: Richard Petty's wife Lynda is responding well to treatment for brain cancer.

"She had a growth of cancer in her head that messed up her central nervous system, but we went back last week and found out they completely eliminated that particular growth," Petty said in a statement. "She’ll still have to take some treatments from time to time, but at least she has all of her faculties back and we’re looking forward to another 50 years with her as far as I’m concerned."

Petty hasn't been closely involved in the running of the company that bears his name since last fall, when Lynda Petty's diagnosis was revealed. He explained the decision thusly:

"For 50 years I’ve been out messing around with a race car, ever since we’ve been married – I’ve always told her that racing comes first and if she works real hard, she can be No. 2. Well, after 50 years and when she got cancer I said, 'Wait a minute, it’s time I give her my next 50 years.'"

Petty also addressed Kasey Kahne's decision to depart Richard Petty Motorsports after this season: "Even though he knows he’s got a job, he still wants to show his new boss and his old boss that he can still do the deal, so I think he’s going to work that much harder at having a good year here. I think this gives us a break for next year as far as figuring out what we’re going to do, and I told [Kahne] the other day that I really appreciated him making the decision early to get the pressure off of him and also off of us. We don’t have to keep hearing all this stuff and sponsors wanting to know where things are at, and by getting it out in the open, it just makes it easier and better for everybody."

Our best wishes for Lynda Petty and the whole Petty family going forward.

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