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Interesting tip passed my way this week by a reader, who sent me to this poker article on Poker and NASCAR are a lot alike, in that they both send mouth-breathing morons into fits about whether or not they belong in Sports sections. And they also share at least one sponsor,

You know GoDaddy as the oh-so-edgy Internet hosting company that tries desperately to court controversy in its ads. It's also signed up drivers Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Brad Keselowski (right) to its stable, so it has at least a financial stake in NASCAR's well-being.

Or so we thought. In talking about how GoDaddy had signed up some poker-playing chick (oh, don't get offended; she's going to be a "GoDaddy Girl"), company CEO Bob Parsons threw out this little gem: "We believe the poker demographic is far and away more Internet savvy than, say, NASCAR fans. At the end of the day, we're interested in that Internet-savvy demographic."

What. A. [Profane].

Dude, are you even aware that your company slathers money all over Keselowski and the most marketable face in NASCAR? Are you aware that NASCAR sites, including and this one right here, constantly rank -- well, I'm not sure I can say in detail what they rank, but they're smoking poker. Wifi has indeed come to Waltons Mountain and Hazzard County, Bob.

This was probably just a one-off smartass remark by someone trying to be funny without remembering that they actually had a bit of skin in the NASCAR game. But when Parsons goes to renegotiate his contract with Dale, here's hoping Junior reminds him of the proper order of things.

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