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Early nominee for the quote of the year came from Kevin Harvick on Sunday, who had this to say about Jimmie Johnson's victory at the Auto Club 500:

"They did a good job today in winning the race, but they have a golden horseshoe stuck up their ass. I mean, there’s no way to get around that."

Jimbot's performance on Sunday was a case study in vintage #48 luck. He pitted just before a caution came out, allowing him to jump from 16th to first, and he never looked back. It's the latest in a long list of good breaks, from avoiding wrecks to seeing his closest competitors get caught up in Big Ones

Old-school cranks will complain that Johnson is the beneficiary of some huge NASCAR conspiracy to help -- who? Chevy? Hendrick? Lowe's? If there was going to be a conspiracy, why wouldn't it benefit Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jeff Gordon or Tony Stewart, three guys who all resonate better with the public than Johnson? Well, the conspiracy theorists haven't thought that far ahead, but that hasn't stopped them. 

Luck alone isn't enough to win championships -- but it sure helps. Still, for those of you who believe in luck, think of it this way -- Johnson may be using up his allotted portion a wee bit too early this year. Hey, the anti-Jimmie crowd has to hang onto something.

(Photo illustration by Christophe Taitt on Twitter.)

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