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Ah, Danica Patrick stories. What would the world of racing be without you?

The latest pseudocontroversy surrounding Danica comes as several folks with way too much interest in Ms. Patrick's ink noticed something hinky going on with her back tattoo in the latest Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue -- namely, said tat wasn't even there. (For a comparison of the tattoos and airbrushed photos, look to the sports blog Gunaxin. Then check out Danica in 2008 and Danica in 2009. Also note that some of her 2008 shots were Photoshopped as well.)

Gracious! As breaches of journalism ethics go, it's not exactly darkening OJ Simpson's skin tone for a magazine cover. Heck, it's not even as bad as Photoshopping a few pounds off Katie Couric.

Still, it's using technology to alter reality, so CNBC's Darren Rovell did a little digging. SI wouldn't comment, but Danica's people were just fine with it, saying "Danica is aware of the edits and is comfortable with the final photos."

As are we, Danica. As are we.

(Hat tip: Sports By Brooks)

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