From the Marbles - NASCAR

Kevin Harvick and Sam Bass admire a brand-new guitar trophy. Not pictured: Kyle Busch. What do you have to say about this, huh? Perhaps a suggestion for the first song Kevin should learn?

After the jump, it's time for the Bristol two-step.

To spice things up at Thunder Valley, Nascar adds a new twist to the Chinese Fire Drill.

So fix it!
Oh what a tangled web we weave when... Yes, Shakespeare was a fan of rubbin' and racin.'

Jonathan D:
Proving that Nascar is also listening to the female fans, Robin Pemberton has instituted the much requested "car-choreography routine" during extended cautions, and said he hopes it will be included as an olympic sport one day.

Mike K:
Nascar rolls out it's version of electronic football with electronic Nascar: The Bristol Edition. Hours of fun trying to complete one lap!

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