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We have a society that's far, far too politically correct. No surprise there, right? Nobody wants to offend anybody, least of all potential sponsors. So when somebody in sports breaks ranks and actually calls someone else out, it's not just news; it's a cause for celebration.

Case in point: Clint Bowyer saying Saturday night that Michael Waltrip is "the worst driver in NASCAR, period. Could not believe NAPA signed back on." Here's some video proof:

On Monday night's This Week In NASCAR, Waltrip laughed about it, grinning that he was the worst driver to have won two Daytona 500s and an All-Star race.

The Thanksgiving-turkey-delicious irony of all this is that the wreck (which we'll be covering later this week) that set Bowyer off wasn't caused by Waltrip at all; it was caused by Bowyer's new teammate Casey Mears. Man ... we're, like, one evil twin away from NASCAR becoming a full-fledged soap opera.

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