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So get this -- Carl Edwards has broken his foot. How did he do it? Did he drop an engine on it? Did he kick a hole in a shop wall? Did he try to settle things with Kevin Harvick once and for all?

No, no and no. Edwards fractured his right foot playing Frisbee. The guy can flip backwards onto cement, and he breaks his foot throwing a Frisbee. Huh.

Good news for his fans, though. Turns out that even with his busted foot, he'll be able to race in both the Sprint and Nationwide events this weekend in Atlanta. Which makes perfect sense; you can just stomp on the gas pedal once and go for 500 miles in a NASCAR race, right? Of course, at some point you may need to stop, but we'll worry about that when the time comes, won't we?

"I know this probably sounds ridiculous to a lot of people and I could hardly believe it myself," Edwards said in a statement. "I was playing Frisbee with a couple of buddies and we both went for the Frisbee at the same time. I put my foot on it, my friend dove for it, and the next thing you know...we all heard a pop. I knew it was broken and we all kind of looked at each other in disbelief that of all things, I would break my foot playing Frisbee."

(That friend has now gone missing. The only clues discovered at his home were a few stray duck feathers.)

Oh, but Carl didn't stop there. Dude was looking at the potential torpedoing of his Chase hopes, and he still had enough presence of mind that he crowbarred in this little snippet:

"I guess you never know when something is going to happen. This is obviously an unforeseen accident and even though I am not going to miss work, my Aflac policy has me covered. I've now seen firsthand how Aflac works and it's clear that no matter how big or small the accident is Aflac is there for their policyholders."

Bravo, sir. Your sponsors thank you. Get well soon, Cuz.

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