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One of the best aspects of NASCAR's longevity is the way that you can follow the best drivers from the time that they're mouthy kids until they're slightly-less-mouthy championship contenders.

Today's stars: a couple wacky kids in the Busch (now Nationwide) Series named Kevin Harvick and Greg Biffle. It was a slick day at Bristol, and in "one of them racin' deals" (an expression I now use regularly in every aspect of life, by the way), Biffle slid up and took out Harvick. Happy saw it as an opportunity to air some longstanding frustrations with Biffle, and did so with the crowd cheering and the crews in the mix.

Watch closely at about the 34-second mark and you'll see the best part of this whole video: Harvick flying like a lunatic ninja over the back of Biffle's car. We need more of that.

All right, so ... your verdict? How does this one stack up? No punches were actually thrown, but Harvick's Death from Above move has to put this one up there as one of the better NASCAR throwdowns of late.

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