Overeem: Thoughts after a busy week

I’ve had an interesting, busy week.

On Monday I had a hearing with the Nevada Athletic Commission about getting my license to fight Brock Lesnar in Las Vegas on Dec. 30. I appeared at the hearing via phone from Holland.

The issue was over a random drug test requirement – which I didn’t know about until I came to Holland – and I understand it from their side. The fact is, they didn’t get what they needed when they needed it. I am happy to have got my license under the conditions the commissioners set out. I am also happy they accepted and stated on the record that there was no attempt by myself to avoid any test.

Alistair Overeem was glad to have his chance to present his case to the Nevada Athletic Commission.
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I always try – and sometimes you can’t – but 99 percent of the time I manage to mentally turn things around to a positive. And on the positive side of all of this, I now know that if I train in Holland for a UFC fight again, I will need to go to England to do a test because the medical rules in Holland are too different to those in Nevada. It also helps me make my mind up to train in the US for my next UFC fight as long as I don’t have the same family issues to consider like I do right now.

Another positive is that I’m now the most tested fighter in the sport. I will be tested four times in three weeks, and then at least twice more in the next six months in addition to any testing for my next fight.

I have had people – I will politely call them ‘haters’ – accuse me of taking steroids since I was a 185-lb. kickboxer at the age of 17. When I was 20, I’ve fought at a weight of 222 lbs. I am now aged 31, and weigh 35 lbs. more. I don’t think 35 lbs is too much to grow in 11 years from a 20-year-old to 31-year-old.

Facts are, I have been tested with the commission numerous times before when I fought in the U.S. and got tested in Japan. I always passed any testing, so hopefully now with these next tests coming and the fact of me being the most tested fighter in the sport, the critics may be satisfied. And if not, well, that’s not my problem, that is their problem.

I am looking forward to the fight. This distraction hasn’t taken any of the excitement away from me fighting Brock Lesnar in my UFC debut. This is a huge fight for the sport and a dream fight for the fans. Some fans probably never thought they’d see this fight, as I was cleaning house outside the UFC while Brock was in the UFC.

I always intended to come into the UFC, but thought I would do that after winning the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix and maybe a few more fights in Japan. I thought I would probably come to the UFC sometime in late 2013, but a lot can happen in two years and the whole landscape of the division can change but a fight of Brock against me was always considered a dream match-up.

But, on Dec. 30, the fight will be a reality. There are bigger fighters than myself and Mr. Lesnar, but I think we are the two biggest fighters who are not only big but also very athletic. You have the best striker in the division, which a lot of people are saying I am, and in my opinion the best wrestler in the division in Mr Lesnar. There is a lot on the line for us both.

I’m not interested in his opinion on my skills or how he matches up with me in terms of strength and size. Someone in an interview this week asked me if Brock is stronger than me. Maybe he is, but that’s not important. We are not having a weightlifting competition or a wrestling match, we are in the Octagon fighting MMA where there are more factors in play then just who is stronger and wrestling.

This fight is not going to last two rounds. That’s my official prediction, that I knock him out in the second round but, the more I think about it, the more I think it will end in the first round. We both like to finish fights quickly so people don’t blink because it might be over in seconds.

Brock Lesnar is one of the best wrestlers out there, but he has a weakness which I can capitalize on. His biggest weakness is my biggest strength – I’m the better striker, that’s for sure.

I don’t talk in detail about my camp, but what I will say is that I am fully prepared. Brock is a very straightforward fighter. Look at his fights, you know right away what he is about: takedowns and ground and pound. There’s nothing unique or tricky about his style. It just so happens he is very good at that thing he does.

I don’t think that is good enough to beat me. I respect him, but I don’t think he faced a fighter of my caliber as a mixed martial artist.

I will be sending a blog to Yahoo! Sports every week between now and UFC 141 on Dec. 30. In the meantime, check out more videos and updates from me at my website and follow me on twitter.

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Updated Friday, Dec 16, 2011