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At the age of 47, Randy "The Natural" Couture has defied all that we thought we knew about how the human body works. Instead of breaking down with age, Couture has fought back by watching what he eats to make sure his body doesn't age like a normal person. Throw in a strict workout plan and the Natural is prepared to fight all comers.

A normal Couture week involved working out at least one time a day, six times a week. In the weeks leading to a fight, he increases his load to multiple sessions per day. This helps to keep his body from breaking down or even getting out of shape. If you let your body get out of shape, working your way back to where you once were can lead to injuries.

At the age of 47, Randy "The Natural" Couture is still competing at a high level.
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For food, Couture is not a vegetarian and he doesn't stick to the low carb diet. He has a diet that he alters depending on what his training methods are for his current fight. As someone who has fought at different weight classes in his career, including heavyweight, he doesn't always need to watch what he eats, but he still looks after his body to prevent injury.

In the past, Couture said that he stays away from ingesting items that may cause muscle soreness. Those items include sugar, dairy, caffeine and alcohol. Avoiding these items helps Couture minimize body acidity and in turn, prevents him from experiencing any extra muscle ailments.

When fighting at heavyweight, Couture will still stay away from the above items, but will also turn to meat and vegetables to ensure he is still getting a proper amount of protein and vitamins.

For a man to go into the Octagon at his age and go through competition that has often been half his age is spectacular. Your basic everyday man can't do something like that without will and determination. We've seen throughout Couture's career that he has the will and determination to do anything asked of him. From coming out of retirement to take the Ultimate Fighting Championship's Heavyweight crown from Tim Sylvia to shutting up a boxer who thought he could become a mixed martial arts legend (James Toney).

What Couture does is pretty self-explanatory. He stays away from the stuff that tastes oh so good, but does damage to the body in the process. He also trains on a regular basis to make sure his body never falls behind where it should be. If he continues his diet and workout plan, he might be able to fight until he's 50.



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Updated Tuesday, Apr 19, 2011