‘Don’t Do It, Dummies! MMA is About Honor’ Kenny Florian Says No to PEDs: Fan’s Look

"UFC Tonight" Analyst Kenny Florian gets real with fighters who use PEDs in MMA, "As a clean fighter, the whole issue of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) in MMA really pisses me off. This sport is about honor, technique and discipline. As a fighter, if you use PEDs, how does it feel good knowing that you won using them? Don't do it, dummies!"

Kenny Florian at the weigh in for the UFC 131.
wikimedia commons - Akira Kouchiyama

Steven Grossi tweeted, "@kennyflorian goes out swinging. Rips fighters who use PEDs. Feels #MMA is about honor, technique & discipline. #UFCTonight"

Taking PEDs equals cheating

Kenny joins another MMA fighter turned TV Analyst on an MMA show in lambasting fighters who "cheat". On HDNet's "Inside MMA", Bas Rutten went off on fighters who cheat and use banned substances. Bas said that he never considered using banned substances, " Never, ever in my whole life. Bring in a lie detector test, so I can test…I couldn't look at myself in the mirror…It's for losers."

There are two kinds of people in the world…

What do you think you would do if you were a fighter and had an option to take PEDs? Would you take the squeaky-clean high road like Kenny and Bas or the downright-dirty low road like the fighters who stand accused, but have good excuses?

Who should replace Overeem against Junior Dos Santos at UFC 146?

"UFC Tonight" Insider, Ariel Helwani spoke about Alistair Overeem testing positive for elevated levels of testosterone, "Overeem tested a 14-1 testosterone to epitestosterone ratio level. Nevada has a limit of 6-1. He can request they test another sample of his urine. If he wants to fight, he needs to appear on April 24 in front of the Nevada State Athletic Commission and explain why he tested that high to get his license. The UFC is waiting to see what happens on April 24 to make a decision about the fight."

Kenny Florian ran thorough his choices of who he thinks would be a good replacement if Overeem isn't given clearance to fight at UFC 146.

Dan Henderson: "You've got to love Dan's enthusiasm to fight for the heavyweight title. But the reality is Dan Henderson is a small 205, and he really should be at 185."

Mark Hunt: "Hunt is a heavy handed fighter and has a granite chin, but he hasn't beaten the top opponents and doesn't have the resume to fight for it yet."

Fabricio Werdum: Werdum is almost there. He was phenomenal against Roy Nelson. Maybe he's a fight or two away from it."

Final thoughts, does Brock Lesnar deserve to be in the Hall of Fame?

And speaking of big dudes, Kenny's opinion on whether Brock Lesnar should be in the Hall of Fame or not, "I believe he should be in the Hall of Fame because he's a world champion. Every time he fought, he brought in the biggest Pay Per View audiences."

Source: Twitter, show notes for "UFC Tonight" on Fuel TV and "Inside MMA", Monday April 9th, 2012.

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Updated Tuesday, Apr 10, 2012