Interview: At XFC 17, Will Patricia Vidonic ‘Chuckle and Walk Away’ from Felice Herrig After a Win?

In a battle between two 115ers, "Little" Patricia Vidonic faces "Little Bulldog" Felice Herrig at "XFC 17: Apocalypse" on April 13th. The fight will be shown live on HDNet. Patricia took some time away from training for her fight to answer a few questions about the impact MMA has had on her life and trash-talking her opponents.

Little Patricia Vidonic MMA fighter
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MMA training as a confidence booster

In a recent Facebook status update, Patricia referenced an incident and her plan to offer assistance. "So, I heard of a local young lady being 'bullied' at school. Apparently, it has been going on for sometime and has become worse. I get to go have lunch with her at school soon and hopefully be able to offer her some advice."

Cheryl: How has training and competing helped in life? Specific examples of "fighting back, standing your ground, stepping up your game" would help to bridge the understanding for people who don't get why women train in combat sport fighting.

Patricia: "I feel like since I've really learned how to fight, I'm a lot more relaxed and easy going. Knowing that I can hurt someone numerous different ways, makes me chuckle and walk away. I don't have time for that kind of nonsense. However, I do carry my mouth guard in my purse, just in case…"

Cheryl: You've said that you started out learning everything at once - striking and the ground game three years ago. Which sport did you start with or did you take a mix of classes all at once? How did your learning of each skill set progress? Did you have a game plan or did you just figure it out as you went along?

Patricia: "Everything I've learned is specifically for the cage. I have never trained any traditional martial arts, boxed, or wrestled (before MMA). However, I know I utilize a vast majority of them everyday. I would have to say, I'm a freestyle MMA fighter. I work all aspects of my game everyday, polishing what I know and working on what I need to." video

Cheryl: People are always asking about injuries. What is your attitude towards a black eye?

Patricia: "I think they are awesome, if you have it, sport it! Where I'm from, you usually have earned it."

Trash-Talking and Discipline

Cheryl: Who has been your toughest opponent so far?

Patricia: "I would have to say my performance against JAG (Jessica Aquilar) was by far the toughest because I didn't perform. I am well past beating myself up for this. I have chalked it up and I am learning once again."

Cheryl: Do you usually trash-talk your opponents?

Patricia: "I have been known to tactfully rebut to some past opponent's statements. This time, I am hyping my fight, getting myself out there without being tasteless. It's fun, the people/fans are enjoying it and even the promoter has mentioned he thinks it's great, as long as it's tasteful."

Cheryl: What are the five things you miss most when you're training and cutting weight?

Patricia: "The 5 things I miss the most while dieting/cutting: 1. Steak 2. Pizza 3. Baked goods, which consist of much more than 3 items."

Cheryl: What would you like to do after fighting?

Patricia: "When I have to retire, I want to coach full time with Jason. We make a fantastic team now, so once I can dedicate myself full time (by then with more experience) who knows what we can do…I want to give back to MMA what it has given to me."

Cheryl: Anything else you'd like to add?

Patricia: "I want to thank you, Cheryl, for doing this interview. Thanks to John Prisco and Official XFC for having me on their card. A huge thanks to my coach, team, family, friends, fans and sponsors! Polanti Watches,, Damage Control Mouthguards, Super Body Care, A.C.E.S, and Solo Graphics for my banner. I still have a couple spots for sponsors, if you are interested this will be live and free on HDNet. Contact me ASAP for details at"

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Updated Friday, Mar 30, 2012