Will Miesha Tate Last 60 Seconds with Ronda Rousey? Fan’s View

I can't wait until these two fighters finally meet to answer the question of "will Miesha make it through the first 60 seconds of the first round without getting caught with an armbar"? Ronda Rousey's been working on her striking and Strikeforce champion, Miesha Tate believes wrestling trumps judo.

Rousey and Tate have been on a whirlwind media tour to promote their March 3rd Strikeforce event on Showtime. video

To add more fuel to the fire and help promote the fight, video interviews are flying through Twitter and Facebook - each one more intense than the next—more (quantity) from Ronda than from Miesha.

No Armbar for Nick Diaz

On this week's HDNet "Inside MMA", Ronda Rousey was asked a great question through Facebook by Damian Nam, "Did you manage to get Nick Diaz in an armbar while training with him?"

Ronda replied, " No, I did not. Nick impressed me a lot with how good he is on the ground. Nope, I usually catch everyone at least once. I'm still mad about that."

At the pre-fight press conference, someone asked Ronda if she has other another way to win if she doesn't get the armbar. She replied, "Well, of course, there is. But why would I want you to know that? The less everybody knows the better for me. I think I'm very fortunate that they have very little footage to study on me and very little knowledge of everything that's in my arsenal. I'm not telling."

For more verbal sparring, watch the Strikeforce pre-fight press conference highlights of Miesha and Ronda, KJ Noons and Josh Thomson, Paul Daley and Kazuo Misaki on this video

Ronda expects that Miesha might try to keep it standing. She said that's what the other women she fought tried to do, but it didn't work for them.

Dueling Videos: First, Ronda

Here's Ronda showing off her stand-up skills working striking drills with her trainer video

First Ronda has her say, "TapouT Magazine: Ronda Rousey threatens to "Katrina" on Miesha Tate's parade…" Wait a minute, honey. You picked up your first singlet when I was training for my first Olympics and you think I'm not 'worthy' to fight you? That was just totally insulting to me. What kind of pompous thing to say is that? If you're the champion you should want to fight anyone, anytime—who cares? It's more annoying than chewing tin foil to hang out with that chick." video

The war of words is sometimes tense and sometimes funny.

Next, Miesha

On Twitter, Miesha Tate responded to a question from a fan with the following answer, "I'm prepared for all 5 [rounds], but I expect her to be strong at first and fade. I'll stay smart and pick my shots wisely."

Another question, "Why is wrestling superior to judo for MMA?"

Miesha's responses on Twitter, "I feel it translates better because judo relies on the Gi too much." and "I wanna hurt her however possible, it's a personal goal."

Karen Bryant from MMAHeat spoke to Miesha about trash-talking with Ronda. "I cannot lose to this girl…I have more tools to work with…There are things I can do to nullify (her judo game)…Wrestling is a good background to have to shut down judo…Her body will feel different at 135." Miesha said that Ronda might feel quicker, but she'll have to get used to being lighter and throwing people around.

For more from Miesha, watch this: "Hear What Strikeforce Champ Miesha Tate Wants To Do To Ronda Rousey's Face" video

My Prediction

I believe that Miesha—through sheer force of will and experience with fighting—will last longer than one minute with Ronda. But, I don't believe that this fight will last longer than one round. Ronda Rousey will defeat Tate and become the new Strikeforce champion.

Source: Facebook, Twitter and "Inside MMA" on HDNet program

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Updated Friday, Mar 2, 2012