Rousey, Faber, and Noons Respond to Trash Talk and Bas Rutten’s Fighter Comparison Charts

"Rowdy" Ronda Rousey, Urijah Faber and KJ Noons joined HDNet's "Inside MMA" team, Kenny Rice and Bas Rutten, on Monday, Feb. 27, 2012, just days before Ronda's main event fight, Strikeforce: Tate vs Rousey for the women's championship title. This is Ronda's first title fight and the first time Miesha Tate will defend her title.

UFC fighter, Urijah Faber, at UFC Fan Expo in Boston, August 2010
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If you've never seen either of these two women fight, check out Showtime's Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey's Greatest Hits video

Responding to Bas Rutten's Fighter Comparison Charts

KJ Noons who faces Josh Thomson on the same card as Ronda Rousey was on the panel along with Urijah Faber, who is coaching "The Ultimate Fighter Live" starting March 9th.

All three fighters were given the opportunity to see what their opponents said about them when they had their turn on the show and to review Bas's chart comparing each fighter to his or her opponent.

When KJ had his turn to view Bas's comparison chart between him and Josh Thomson he said, "Speed—a four. Really?"

Bas scored Ronda lower on her striking and her strength than Miesha. Ronda didn't appreciate that. Ronda thinks by dropping down in weight, she will be the stronger fighter. Because he said that no one has seen her striking yet, Bas scored Ronda a three for her striking.

"When you assume you make an ass out of you and me," Ronda said to Bas.

Urijah tried to help Bas out by saying, "At least you gave her a three, it's better than nothing."

After showing a chart scoring the strengths between him and Dominick Cruz, Urijah noted, "Bas was trying to be nice to Dominick giving him the edge there."

Respect your elders, always…

Fans and interviewers have grown to expect Ronda to say whatever is on her mind. She recently tweeted, "Funny, I love how all my interviews are prefaced with either 'please don't swear' or 'curse all you want!"

One thing that's evident to me in Ronda's response to Bas's assessment of her skills is that she will always fight back, but—at least in this exchange about Bas's critique—was her response the right one?

People respect Bas and his opinions. The other two fighters, Urijah and KJ, used humor to deal with the situation. I don't think Ronda was trying to be funny.

Trash Talking

In countless interviews over the past few months, Ronda has demonstrated that she doesn't let anyone get away with anything. It will soon be time to see which of these two formidable female MMA fighters will be the champion. Ronda has talked herself into needing to win this fight as a matter of pride and honor.

Ronda had this to say about Strikeforce champion, Miesha Tate,"I don't think that allowing yourself to get punched in the face for a long time makes you a great fighter…Maybe she heard that on Twitter as well." On her visit to the show, Miesha said that her Twitter followers send her updates and information about Ronda.

Each fighter's response is on this "Rousey, Faber, and Noons Respond to Trash Talk - Inside MMA" video

Eating humble pie

Many people I know aren't even predicting who they think will win. They just want to see the fight get out of the first round and see the best woman win.

Fighters always say they learn more from a loss than from a win. Ronda has shown herself to be the better trash-talker—proud, arrogant, cocky, bold and confident. Ronda will either back up her words by emerging victorious or end up battered and beaten and eating humble pie.

Strikeforce: Tate vs Rousey, Saturday, March 3rd, on Showtime starting at 10 pm ET/PT video

Source: Twitter and "Inside MMA" on HDNet program

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