Dana ‘UFC’ White Vs. Josh ‘ESPN’ Gross

UFC President, Dana White, who is on a Twitter tirade against Josh Gross, MMA columnist for ESPN.com, has his own way of saying "what is your main malfunction?" Dana is ranting against the story and the video produced by ESPN discussing UFC fighter salaries.

Field of Play

Whenever someone brings up the subject of unionizing workers, (management) tempers start flaring.

Here's the article causing the consternation: "UFC fighters say low pay simply brutal"

Here's a snippet of the show: "Outside the Lines - UFC Fighter Pay", Watch OTL at 10 am EST, Sunday on ESPN2.

The argument: On the video, UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock said, "When you get in that position, don't use that kind of (monopoly) position to hold the fighters hostage."

Dana White's Tweets

The following, worthy of a trash-talking UFC fighter, messages were tweeted directly to Josh Gross (@JoshGrossESPN) and Matthew Goldstein (@TheFightingPost):

"Josh is a pessimistic scumbag who pitched the story. The beauty is we filmed the interview too."

"we will air the entire interview as is no edits after ESPN airs theirs! Looking very forward to this :)"

"trust me I have been a part of ESPN hack jobs that's why I don't do those BS shows and why we filmed it"

"easy goofball, he didn't get under my skin at all. I am $ucking PUMPD for this story!!!"

"ESPN is going to see what a clown gross is. Gross set this BS story up and I LOVE IT!!!!"

Leaving Josh off the list this time and responding to a variety of people tweeting:

"I'm in Rio but my stuff is ready to roll!!! I'm excited to smash and discredit ESPN and the piece they did!! So pumped!"

"He and ESPN are gonna get beat down with this story. U guys will see how media spins and LIES!"

"UFC doesn't mean shot to them especially now that we are on FOX. ESPN has to own and control EVERYTHING!!!"

"can't stand the lying 2 faced media $ucks!! So glad we did this one right cause ESPN can NOT be trusted."

"I'm on it bro gonna smash gross and ESPN with their BS stories!!!"

"ESPN always does neg shit on us!!! We have so many awesome stories in this company! They got this story from gross and will regret"

"sit back and watch bro!!! I'm (so) excited for this thing to air :)"

"I'm helping promote this $uckin hack job!!! Want people to see it."

"I honestly hate him!!! He is a real POS"

Josh Gross, ESPN.com

Josh's bio says that he has nearly 11 years covering MMA and hosts "Gross Point Blank" podcast. So far, Josh has kept his cool and only sent out one tweet on the subject. "Good morning. Quite a heavy response to the pay story. I'm going to hold off on comments until the TV piece airs Sunday morning."

Josh is referring to the "Outside the Lines" show that airs on Sunday mornings on ESPN2 at 10 am EST/7 am PST.

Stay tuned for more fireworks on Sunday morning, following UFC 142 in Rio on Saturday night. A classic way to defeat a bully is to get loud and gather support.

I don't see this fractious, Dana White vs. Josh Gross, story having a happy ending.

Source: Twitter

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Updated Friday, Jan 13, 2012