Jason Miller Wants Anderson Silva After Bisping: Fan Reaction

MMA veteran Jason "Mayhem" Miller recently revealed his desire to fight current UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva at the UFC 136 Fan Expo. Miller is currently scheduled to meet fellow "Ultimate Fighter 14" coach Michael Bisping inside in the Octagon on Dec. 3, but the outspoken MMA fighter is already thinking ahead.

"I've got another guy on the radar: the guy with the damn strap, Anderson Silva," Miller told the crowd in Houston, TX. "He's the best fighter in the world, and I want to stick my nose right to his nose and see what happens. I think he's a man. He bleeds the same blood that we do…If you put me in front of the champion, I'll be the champion."

While Miller's confidence should be commended, he doesn't really deserve a title shot right now. Miller didn't even deserve to coach the 14th season of the "Ultimate Fighter" reality TV series, but the UFC rightly put him there, given his familiarity with the TV process and his ability to sell MMA fights. Chael Sonnen was originally intended to coach alongside Bisping on the "Ultimate Fighter 14," but issues with his MMA license forced him out.

I'm sure a number of fighters in the UFC's middleweight division weren't really happy with Miller's selection as a coach on the 14th season of the "Ultimate Fighter" reality series. I'm not sure UFC president Dana White would be willing to give Miller a title shot after one fight with the promotion since 2005.

Stylistically, Miller doesn't match-up well with Silva. Miller is a solid Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner, but his takedown defense isn't anything special. Miller would have to rely on his BJJ skills against Anderson, and I'm not sure he would even be able to get the champion to the ground.

A fight between the two MMA fighters would greatly favor Silva, and I for one would rather see Silva vs. Sonnen/Henderson II, or a super-fight involving either Georges St. Pierre or Jon Jones. Silva's manager Ed Soares recently indicated the middleweight champion has already started thinking about life after MMA, and the UFC will be looking for the very best matchups for "The Spider."

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Updated Saturday, Oct 15, 2011