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Johnson scores big KO, Lamas and Uyenoyama win at UFC on Fox

In the preliminary fights at UFC on Fox in Anaheim, Ricardo Lamas scored an emotional win, DaMarques Johnson notched a quick KO and Darren Uyenoyama dominated his way to a decision.

Johnson gets KO of the Night nominee

Damarques Johnson made quick work of fellow "Ultimate Fighter" alumnus Clay Harvison, knocking him out in the first round. Johnson landed a left hook, took a second to celebrate, then threw another punch to finish the bout at 1:34. That moves Johnson's record to 13-9, with 4-3 in the UFC, while is now 9-4. He is 1-2 in the UFC, losing his last two bouts.

"It feels great to get the win because I know that's what I'm capable of. I just wanted to go out there and show a more polished version of myself and I think I did that tonight. I was prepared to let the fight go wherever he wanted to take it. I planned on giving him a false sense of security and self confidence so that I could capitalize on his mistakes if he over-committed," Johnson said.

Lamas wins with an arm triangle

Though Cub Swanson was touted as the better grappler, Ricard Lamas took their bout with an arm triangle. Lamas started out the first round with a takedown, but left his neck open for a guillotine, one of Swanson's favorite moves. Lamas tried to slam Swanson, and then stood up to finally shake him off. Swanson was aggressive in stand-up, landing big kicks and strikes.

In the third, Lamas got a takedown that led to ground and pound, then switched to a perfectly executed arm triangle. Swanson appeared to be comfortable at first, but Swanson couldn't defend. He was forced to tap at 2:16 of the second round.

Afterwards, Lamas broke down in tears and dedicated the fight to his grandmother, who passed away a week ago. Lamas is 11-2 after the win, and Swanson, who had a long layoff due to a stretch of injuries, is now 15-5.

Johnson scores big KO, Lamas and Uyenoyama win at UFC on Fox

Uyenoyama takes out "The Kid"

Darren Uyenoyama's superior grappling and conditioning led to decision win. The judges scored it 30-27, 30-26, 30-27.

Norifumi "Kid" Yamamoto started strong with a takedown, but Uyenoyama defended well and was able to get back up. Uyenoyama knocked Yamamoto down and then controlled him on the ground. He slapped on a rear naked choke and sunk it deep, but it was late in the round. Yamamoto looked like he was going to tap, but the horn sounded to end the round. Yamamoto stood up quickly, clarifying that he did not tap.

In the second round, Yamamoto caught Uyenoyama with a clean strike and cut his face.  Uyenoyama survived and got the edge in grappling. He mounted Yamamoto's back, using a body triangle to control the fight.

The third round featured more excellent grappling from Uyenoyama. He controlled Yamamoto for most of the round on the ground. When they were on their feet, he showed excellent takedown defense.

"I was walking to the Octagon and I still couldn't believe I was about to compete in the UFC. I didn't have an easy road to get here and I had the honor of fighting a legend and a personal hero of mine. I hope that the fight wasn't boring because I tried to make it exciting for the fans. I had trouble with a cut during training and 'Kid' was able to open it up again in there. He hit me with some hard shots and I'm happy I was able to take them because I think that he is one of the hardest punchers in the division," Uyenoyoma said after the bout.

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