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If you didn't know better you might think Josh Barnett looked like the guy losing the fight when he went to the corner after the second round against Gilbert Yvel. How could this be? Barnett scored mounts in the first two rounds and had dominant position on top of Yvel for over four minutes. Somehow "The Babyface Assassin" took a ton shots from that position. Yvel threw some nasty strikes from the bottom that bloodied Barnett's nose. Barnett was finally able to finish the fight when he scored a double-leg slam takedown early in the third. Yvel couldn't take it anymore as he was finished with a barrage of punches. He tapped at 3:05 of the third.

No one can rip Yvel for his toughness. The guy must've landed more shots than any fighter in the history of mixed martial arts who was mounted for that long. It's preposterous to think a fighter could survive being on the bottom for roughly five minutes and twenty-five seconds against a guy on the level of Barnett.

It was amazing that he even got out of the first. He got mounted with 1:13 left in the round. Barnett got off 74 hammerfists, elbows and punches with more than half of them hitting the mark. Kudos to referee Herb Dean who didn't freak out. Yvel fought back and landed so often that Barnett said he had a tough time dealing with all the blood from his nose that was dripping down the back of his throat.

Barnett was booed loudly by some of the morons in attendance at the Honda Center during his post-fight interview with Tito Ortiz. Although they may have been booing Ortiz. "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" currently an MMA free agent was given the Bronx cheer at the start of every in-ring interview he did.  

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