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Calm down! It's not that one. Read the headline. The world's best female fighter, Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos, told Sherdog she's been offered the opportunity to bare all in Playboy:

"Actually we are still talking, and I’m thinking about that possibility. After all, only one man saw me naked in my entire life and I have to think deeply about that."

Santos, 24, is married to Evangelista Santos. We assume that he's the one man. 

Someone at doesn't like the idea:

If Playboy’s main goal is to sell magazines I think they are reaching out to the wrong person. I can think of many other people in the sport that would be a better fit. Try the UFC ring girls, then maybe some of the fighter’s wives or girlfriends. Maybe even reach out to Joe Rogan. I dread the day when this comes out and someone emails the Cyborg Playboy pics.

The readers at MMAMania were split (44-36%) on their desire to see Cyborg in the buff. Before you flip out or start cackling, Playboy has featured female swimmers plus basketball and volleyball players with similar builds.

The question though is Cyborg selling out or hurting female fighting by posing nude?

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