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The Dana White video blog is back and the prez is at it again battling MMA bloggers. No one is called a bitch or a homophobic term instead White gets into a heated "debate" over what the media's job is. Jake Rossen of ESPN/Sherdog penned a piece on the future of MMA. If you notice review and look-ahead pieces are all over the internet this week. White questioned why the blogger isn't writing features on UFC 108. Instead, the writer's piece took umbrage with a recent statement by White that in 10 years MMA will be the biggest sport in the world. The blogger said the sport has peaked. Fine. It's an opinion piece and Rossen backed it up with solid thoughts.

It angered White, he decided to call the head of the website to argue the point and turn it into a dog and pony show by filming it for his blog. But instead of actually debating the growth potential of MMA over the next 10 years, he tries to give a lesson in journalism saying, "Like I give a [expletive] what Jake Rossen thinks? What the [expletive] has this guy ever done to move the sport of MMA forward?"

Huh? Is that a writer's job? Move the sport forward? He wrote an opinion piece. Not everything written on MMA and sports sites is going to be positive. I wonder how many times White called a website or writer to bash them when they wrote something negative about the future of boxing? Better yet did he rant and rave over any critical Strikeforce pieces in 2009? That's right, the answer is probably no. 

UFC 108 is in just a few days. If a writer chooses not to cover the event specifically and he thinks he's doing his job, that's his decision. Reader or employer feedback will tell him if he's right, wrong or the piece was a waste of time. 

"So instead of promoting the fight this weekend," said White. "This guy is [expletive] arguing with me about how big MMA is going to be in the next 10 years? Are these [expletive] into mixed martial arts?"

The writer has to be to a certain extent. He's penning a column for a major website and the subject is MMA. The problem that White fails to understand is that not everything written about the UFC or MMA is going to be positive. "Has MMA peaked" is a legitimate discussion. It's debated here and there by talk shows and writers. The problem is, it's still only "here and there." And I can guarantee any discussion of MMA will remain "here and there" if editors, writers, television and radio hosts receive calls explaining the theory and ethics of journalism. The media is a vicious bunch but they're also a sensitive lot. Bullying is only going cause a back lash or even worse apathy.

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