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President Dana White is standing by his claim that Affliction fighting is a short-term competitor for UFC. During the Ultimate Fight Night 14 post-fight press conference, White was asked if he would consider matching his fighters with those from other promotions.

"I figure after tonight those guys will be out of business," said White, before he was told about the results from the Affliction card. "And all those (fighters) will be over here."

White elaborated on why Affliction would fail when pressed by Yahoo! Sports:

"Because they spent a lot of money tonight. And I know more about this business than they do. When you spend a lot of money and you don't get that money back, you usually go out of business. Talk to the IFL, they know all about it."


The announced crowd at the Honda Center for the Affliction event was 13.988. That's pretty impressive for a start-up fight company's debut event. We'll get a better idea when the actual paid ticket count is posted by the California State Athletic Commission. More important, did Affliction do enough pay-per-view buys to offset a fighter payroll rumored to be in excess of $4 million? And does Affliction see a huge bump on the apparel side of the ledger to warrant the big expenditure on its fighting endeavors?

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