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Dana White told Cagewriter that his head nearly exploded when Brock Lesnar dropped his Bud Light-Coors Light rant (5:20 mark) after his win at UFC 100. Maybe it did, because the recall portion of his brain has taken a hit. While the MMA world waits for the UFC and Fedor Emelianenko to just get a deal done, White continues to scream at anyone, including Cagewriter, who has "The Last Emperor" No. 1 pound-for-pound (4:25 mark).

"How can you call this guy the best in the world? He's a heavyweight and look at the guys he's fought," said White sounding very anti-heavyweight. "When you say Fedor beat all the big names, that was back in PRIDE. You're talking what, four years ago? So wait a minute, maybe Muhammad Ali is the best pound for pound best fighter in the world. By calling him best pound-for-pound in the world that is insane."

Fedor just beat two former UFC heavyweight champs, Tim Sylvia and Andrei Arlovski, in less than four minutes. According to White it means nothing because those guys are no good and never were. The revisionist history that came out of White's mouth next was mind boggling:

"You guys hear me all the time talking about how horrible our heavyweight division was. Our heavyweight division was weak. I said it then too."

I have never heard White say that and he certainly didn't say it when Arlovski or Sylvia were the active champs. He also says Randy Couture said something to the same effect and that's why he came back to fight Sylvia at UFC 68.

White kept going back to Ray Mercer's win over Sylvia in an effort to downgrade what Fedor did to "The Maine-iac." He asked where Mercer is ranked in the heavyweight division. I responded by saying Mercer could probably beat some of the lousy strikers amongst the MMA heavyweights:  

"You think if you put Ray Mercer in the UFC, it might be the first death in the UFC," said White.

The Fedor conversation began when White was told that Affliction's Tom Atencio said the UFC will never be able to strike a deal with Emelianenko's management:

"The guy's a loser," White said of Atencio. "Anything this guy has ever said, has never come true, every word that's ever come out of this guy's mouth has never come true and we're going to listen to what he has to say?"

Maybe it's all part of the grand plan to improve the UFC'S standing during future negotiations with Fedor camp, otherwise White is still suffering from the brain cramps of UFC 100.

On a side note, we were hoping to hear Atencio's take on Saturday during Luke Thomas' MMA Nation Show on WJFK but a mix-up kept the Affliction VP off the air. Thomas was not happy:

Let's just hope this Fedor nonsense ends soon. Hopefully this NSFW video isn't a preview of White and Fedor's management as they work on the deal.

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