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War Machine a.k.a Jon Koppenhaver a.k.a Biggest Loser on the Planet has had a banner 2009. So far, he has threatened the President of the United States, and subsequently lost his job with Bellator. Convinced that those two displays of idiocy were not enough, he was arrested for battery in Las Vegas over the weekend, quite possibly at a gay, though straight-friendly club. Oh, and he's convinced that he's a ghost

At this point, our good friend War -- is War his first name? -- is up to one of two things. Either, he is the waste of space that we think he is, or he's a genius. Think about it. He's a washed-up fighter that has been booted from more than one fighting promotion. There are tons of fighters who fit that profile, yet they're not making news on every MMA site. But War is front-page news all the time. Maybe this is all his plan!

Or maybe he is just an idiot.

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