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You have to show up early for MMA fight cards because you may see the fight or move of the night well before the live television portion of the show. Bantamweight Seth Dikun ripped off a great submission by jumping into a triangle choke from a standing position.

Rolando Perez did a nice job holding off the submission. The hold was slapped on with 4:10 left in the first round. Perez tried to slam his way out 35 seconds later but it only made the choke tighter. With his face changing colors, he finally tapped at 2:30 of the first round to kick off the night at Arco Arena in Sacramento at WEC 41.

Dikun said he just learned the move two weeks ago:

"I hit it in sparring and I knew I could do it. He has hands so I wanted to stand for a while but he put his arm a little too low and I jumped on it. I capitalized and went for it. That's what the crowd likes seeing."

WEC announcer Craig Hummer then asked if this was a step toward a title shot with WEC bantamweight champ Miguel Torres. Dikun, 28, now 7-3, just won his first fight in the WEC:

"I just want to take a step at a time," chuckled Dikun. "I want to work harder than anybody."

An emotional Dikun then wished his daughter Brianna a happy birthday. Perez is now 4-3 and 0-2 in the WEC. He was the guy who got finished by Jose Aldo at WEC 38 in San Diego, when the Brazilian lost his mind, running out of the cage, 20 rows into the crowd.

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