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So much for the athletic, girl next door-types gracing the Octagon. Nothing against Arianny Celeste -- after all she was No. 4 on Cagewriter's ring girl rankings -- but Logan Stanton and Natasha Wicks were doing a nice job representing the UFC. Both were friendly, down to earth and pleasant, maybe too much so for UFC's liking. MMAMadness is reporting Stanton, 21, and Wicks, 24, were both released by the promotion. The rumored replacement is Playboy bunny Chandella Powell.

Wicks made it official this afternoon with this tweet:

The reason is still unknown, but there was an odd video after UFC 106 featuring the girls and troublemaking blogger Ben Fowlkes from Cage Potato.

Fowlkes asked about the Anthony Johnson-Josh Koscheck fight. They also both stated (1:30 mark) that they thought Josh Koscheck was faking when he appeared to suffer a first round eye-poke. Logan also seemed to hint at some friction between Arianny and the other girls (4:44 mark).

Could the video really be the reason? If so, it's seems a bit hypersensitive. Maybe it was Logan calling Octo-mom/manager Leslie Hedges "The Beast." Natasha, who just became an Octagon Girl this summer after a Maxim-sponsored search, was graceful in losing her job, thanking the UFC and fans via Twitter

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