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No one works harder than WEC bantamweight champ Miguel Torres. We can't say that with certainty but the dude is up there with the best, just ask his "Desperate Housewife." Torres told the media after his win over Manny Tapia at WEC 37 that his wife is always wondering why he's going out for run at midnight or sleeping at the gym. No, it's not a Governor Sanford or Senator Ensign deal, Torres is consumed with fighting. More accurately consumed with being a mixed martial artist.

ESPNRadio1100 actually caught him during some downtime at a Chicagoland beach. Not really. Torres was at the beach but he was running. That 100-percent dedication has Torres (37-1, 5-0 WEC) thinking about his future. His shelf life is only so long. So whether you like it or not, money is a concern for a guy fighting a bit off the radar with WEC (as compared to his friends fighting for the UFC):

"They do take care of us and they give undisclosed bonuses, perks on the side. But you know I have a family and have things I want to do at my gym and I have other venues I can't get into as far as making income."

Listen to Torres with Cofield & Cokin on ESPNRadio1100:

Torres, 28, said he needs to make his money because the fighting life is not much fun:

"The training process is so rigorous, not just on my body and my mind. There's so many sacrifices to get ready for a fight, I don't get to have any fun in my life. Depending on where the money is in three or four years, will depend on whether I stick around or not. I'm planning on staying three or four more years and then I'm out."

Torres said he has no time for partying, drinking or video games when getting ready for a fight. There's no time to go out. The schedule has to be the same everyday.

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