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We fell in love with Tonya Evinger after her work during the post-fight of EliteXC in Stockton, Ca. She was edgy and more importantly loaded. That was made obvious when she admitted before the event to that she was getting hammered so the post-fight interviews for ProElite would be more entertaining. Okay, so she was nervous. Being in front of a camera can make anyone want to drink just ask Pat Summerall and Tom Brookshire.

It may be time to call b.s. on MMA's Queen of the Trailer. Here she is at the MMAExpo in Long Beach, Ca. telling a joke (NSFW). Her talent is undeniable but can she ever appear on camera now and not be completely lit?

We kid cause we care. Evinger did a one-on-one with ESPNRadio1100 last week and nearly set the on-air obscenity record. She also dashed the hopes of dozens of lusting male fans by saying she plays for the other team. Evinger raved about her 'girlfriend' being hot. I'm thinking after a few beers and shots, we all have a shot at being her 'girlfriend.' 

You can also watch part two of the video from the MMAExpo. She's simply riveting in a Heidi Fleiss way.

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