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Former Strikeforce lightweight champ Josh Thomson continued his climb back to the belt with a 29-28, 29-28, 30-27 unanimous decision over Gesais "JZ" Cavalcante at Strikeforce in San Jose on Saturday night.

Josh Thomson showed mettle early on, getting knocked down with a Cavalcante right-hand jab. JZ immediately jumped into an arm-in guillotine. Thomson stayed calm, readjusted, and came out swinging. He landed seven powerful strikes, and then applied a triangle choke as the round ended. If the round wouldn't have ended, Thomson would have submitted Cavalcante.

Thomson continued to dominate the second round with superior grappling, dominating via side control, but JZ moved ahead during the third and final round. He took Thomson down with ease, and controlled him on the ground. Thomson continued to remain active on the bottom, getting in the rubber guard to defend himself from JZ. He even smiled and waved to the crowd at one point, trying to show that he was fine.

Though it was a close bout, Thomson was more successful on paper. He landed 76 percent of his strikes and had more dominant positions than Cavalcante. The 30-27 score card is questionable, with even Thomson saying that there was no way he won that fight 30-27.

With this win, Thomson is set to get another chance at Gilbert Melendez and the Strikeforce lightweight belt. This will be their third bout, with each fighter taking one win.

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