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Oh you silly blogosphere. Once a rumor starts it often spins out of control on the Internet.

Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer spoke about Brock Lesnar's future on his Monday radio show. Meltzer, who also covers MMA right here on Yahoo!, said Lesnar has an exit plan in mind for his future. Somehow that turned into:

Brock Lesnar Rumored To Be Looking For A Way Out Of The UFC

Brock Lesnar Rumored To Be Interested in Leaving UFC for WrestleMania 27

Brock Lesnar Leaving UFC Rumors: Will Brock Really Go Down as a Quitter?

Brock Lesnar Leaving UFC Reports: Why UFC Will Be Okay Without Him

Meltzer clarifies his statements and says there's almost no chance Lesnar will return to wrestling full time. The former WWE star wants the best of both worlds. He desires the easy payday at Wrestlemania 27 and wants to continue making the big bucks in MMA. What are the chances Dana White will cooperate? 

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