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This week's dance was a bit more in Chuck Liddell's wheelhouse. The tango is a more aggressive, intense dance, and while practicing, Liddell even tried hip tossing his partner, Anna Trebunskaya.

Dancing to the White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army" and clad in a suit, no shirt and a weird marking on his head, Liddell showed he was much more comfortable on the dance floor. His "mean" face was an asset in this dance, and Trebunskaya even worked in Liddell's signature celebration pose. The judges said that he the dance had impact, and it was "kinda sexy while kinda scary." 

The judges awarded Liddell a 19, and DWTS host Samantha Harris suggested that Liddell should keep his jacket off to garner more votes. Samantha, how dare you objectify the Iceman like that! The judges scores only count for half, so to keep Liddell dancing, vote here

Thanks to Bloody Elbow for the video.

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