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Jesse Taylor was trying to erase the memory of his embarrassing episode on The Ultimate Fighter 7 with a dominant win. Instead, he was sent packing in less than four minutes as C.B. Dollaway lived up to his pre-show reputation pulling off a great submission, the Peruvian Necktie.

Taylor (pictured - thanks to Combat Lifestyle) didn't look any worse for wear as he hung out post-fight with training partners and fellow fighters. That may change this week, as it appears Taylor may be in hot water again with UFC officials. 

Taylor spoke with the media last Thursday and had some choice words for Quinton Jackson and his psychotic episode last week, "What goes around, comes around, I guess." Taylor wasn't happy with the fact that Jackson told UFC President Dana White that he didn't want someone like Taylor representing the company.

Those comments filtered back to UFC management and it was clear that they weren't happy with Taylor as a high ranking official spoke with Yahoo! Sports during The Ultimate Fight Night 14 card at the Palms.

Adding to Taylor's problem are the rumors swirling that he didn't exactly clean up his conduct during his 4+ month hiatus.

Yahoo! Sports asked for clarification from Taylor about his comments. On Friday, Taylor backed down a little:

"I feel bad for the guy. Being on top of the fighting world and then not being there is going to destroy you. I think it was tough to handle for the guy. I wish he gets better, I didn't know he was in this situation. He's in a lot worse situation than I was in."


Taylor clearly felt badly about what he said on Thursday especially considering that he'd just found out that Jackson was hospitalized for mental evaluation. From the tone of the UFC official who spoke with Yahoo! Sports at the event, the apology may not matter. The lesson here may be to make sure you choose your targets carefully. Jackson is tight with UFC higher-ups and is the last guy any fighters on the roster should be cracking on right now.

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