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The more you talk to Kimbo Slice, the more the guy intrigues you. The image sold by EliteXC and CBS was a bit phony. He's not a thug but he did tell the media gathered at the The Ultimate Fighter 10 media day that he would throw down on the show if someone pulled some nonsense at the house (1:17 mark - NSFW):

"I'm gonna fight whether it's in the house, in the cage, in the ring. I'm a fighter dude, I'm not gonna have a [expletive] disrespect me. In no case whatsoever. In the house or in jail. I'm gonna be me and I'm gonna stand my ground."

But what if that means expulsion from the house and the show:

"I wouldn't want to get thrown out that way. If that becomes my only fight then god [expletive] we gonna fight."

Kimbo said he's seen the show and he hoped that none of the nonsense of past seasons pushes him to the brink:

"The times that I did watch the show in the past, there were a lot of clowns on there. Guys were doing crazy [expletive] to each other. And I was like 'that's grounds right there to hit him in the mouth. That would've been a fight right there.' I was just saying 'I hope that [expletive] don't happen. But if it do, then it's on.'" 

Kimbo also made some interesting comments when asked about swallowing his pride to go on the show. And he schools one of the reporters (3:10 mark) when they say, "he made a ton of money" with EliteXC.

Check out Andy Samuelson's excellent roundup in Las Vegas Sun of Kimbo and the show. He also includes quotes from some of the other cast members.

The taping for TUF 10 began on June 1 and has been completed. So we don't know if Kimbo made it the December finale, got kicked off the show or lost in the first round of fights. The season premieres on September 16th.

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