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Only in Alabama. Without a commission these are the things that go on. Tim Sylvia and Ray Mercer were snubbed by New Jersey in their first attempt to get a boxing match between the former MMA champ and former boxing champ sanctioned. So they ran off to Alabama where there is no athletic commission. Thursday the fight was cancelled and re-schedule a few hours later. No longer could the big guys straight box, they had to fight under mixed martial arts rules.

Cagewriter spoke with Sylvia's stablemate Jens Pulver, who made the suggestion that the former UFC heavyweight wasn't taking the fight seriously, saying boxing is a whole different beast and even at 48 years old Mercer was still dangerous. Sylvia got a break because he should slaughter Mercer, who has little MMA experience. But it's clear from today's weigh-in in Birmingham, Sylvia wasn't exactly working his conditioning. He's a huge dude at 6-foot-8 but he's always made the cut to the MMA limit of 265 pounds. According to, Sylvia is a whopping 310. The huge gutted Mercer is 256. God bless any media outlet actually staffing this event.

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