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UFC president Dana White is a benevolent man or wasn't watching the battle between Mark Coleman-Mauricio Rua. For what could be described "nicely" as a mediocre fight, Coleman and Rua received "Fight of the Night II" honors from the UFC. The Chris Lytle-Marcus Davis war got the initial "Fight of the Night" bonus. Alan Belcher received "Submission of the Night" and Denis Siver got "Knockout of the Night" for his stoppage of Nate Mohr. All six fighters received a $40,000 bonus.

UFC 93 sold out the 02 Arena in Dublin with an attendance of 9,369 and a gate of $1.3 million. One would assume that the UFC was planning on $20,000 bonuses for four fighters and tossed in extra $80,000 to spiff Rua and Coleman. Or did it chop $240,000 into six pieces instead of four? That $20,000 out the window would suck for a guy like Siver, who probably made in the range of $14-16k in straight salary.

It seems odd to bonus two guys who gassed minutes into the fight and put on a lackluster show until the final minute when Rua finally scored the TKO win. I suppose we can cut the 44-year old Coleman a break but what was Rua's excuse for winding so early? It would've been more appropriate to hand out extra bonuses to Jeremy Horn and Rousimar Palhares. They put on a ground clinic and Palhares (pictured taking down Horn) fought through what he said was a broken hand that he suffered in the first round.   

The UFC paid out $60,000 bonus at the majority of 2008 fight cards. At previous European cards, UFC 85 ($50,000) and UFC 80 ($35,000), the organization did award smallers bonuses.

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