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The legend of Anderson Silva grows with each dominant victory. He's got four first round finishes in his seven UFC fights. The other three were snuffed out in the second. Dan Henderson fought by far the best fight against 'The Spider' using his ground game to nullify Silva's wicked striking. Once Henderson took him down, Silva was vulnerable:

"It wasn't a whole lot of trouble to keep him down. I should've been a little more aggressive. Maybe I gave him too much respect. I should've tried to finish that fight in that first round."

Henderson (pictured w/David Loiseau and chicks) got lured into standing into the middle of the cage in the second and got caught with a big knee. Eventually Silva took his back and submitted the former Olympic Greco-Roman wrestler.

Henderson wants another shot:

"For whatever reason my body didn't feel that good that night."

Henderson didn't give Cote much of it shot only saying that he has a punchers chance. Rich Franklin is next up for Henderson on Jan. 17 in Dublin. The winner of that fight will most likely serve as the coach on The Ultimate Fighter 9 with a season ending fight against Michael Bisping for a shot at Silva's title.

Click below to listen to the Henderson interview (ESPN1100 w/Cofield & Yahoo! Sports Dan Wetzel):

Henderson also speaks about his buddy Matt Lindland, who is running for political office in his home state of Oregon. Lindland has Henderson's endorsement. He said that a career politician wouldn't be the best person to serve that community in rural Oregon. 'Hendo' was at the Kimbo Slice debacle on Oct. 4. He comments on the positives and negatives Kimbo brought to the table.

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